Self-Service Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring Self Service

Want to go beyond the scope of your monitored content with a hands-on, self-guided media monitoring service? Then Burrelles iMonitor is your ideal PR software solution. With iMonitor, you can:

  • Conduct unlimited ad hoc searches
  • Access a cache of monitored online articles from the past 13 months
  • Set custom alerts for topics, and sites
  • Save the clips you want for easy reporting and automated analysis

All this comes at one flat monthly rate and is already integrated into the Burrelles MYNEWSDASH interface.

Self-Service Media Monitoring at a Glance:

Service Sources Coverage Delivery*
Burrelles iMonitor* Web sources including, news sites, and global sources. Self-guided
media tracking

*Burrelles iMonitor does not include Express® media monitoring, a service that provides early-morning delivery of top-tier publications.





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