Full-Service Media Monitoring

Human-Verified Media Monitoring

Burrelles offers a full range of human-verified media monitoring, a full-service option that ensures every piece of content you receive adheres fully to your stated needs. Choose from Print, Online, Express Print and/or Express Web to create a custom monitoring solution that fits your budget and your public relations strategies. Alternatively, select our unverified service to fit your budget and time constraints.

The most complete media monitoring service

Burrelles employs expert human editors to determine whether each story we have captured conforms to the instructions that you and your Burrelles account manager develop. Our human-verified clipping services assure that the news content you receive is relevant, saving you effort, time, and money.

Here are a few more reasons Burrelles is a standout clipping service:
  • Our comprehensive content is copyright compliant, and because of our turnkey copyright compliance program, we monitor content behind the paywall not available to any other monitoring service.
  • Each article includes the full text and accompanying photos, graphics, and headlines, and thumbnail images indicate the article’s exact page position.
  • Our integrated MYNEWSDASH interface makes it easy to organize clips, manage results, demonstrate market influence and export reports for comprehensive analysis and C-suite reporting.

Express Print and Express Web News Monitoring

Relevant and reliable media monitoring

Get your coverage as it happens – as early as 6 am. Burrelles offers Express® early-morning delivery of top-tier print publications. Human editors qualify content before sending it to the Media Content module of Burrelles MYNEWSDASH. End users can set up push reports with added metadata and see the complete article, including text and images on any schedule that meets their business need.

Service Sources Review Delivery
Comprehensive Print and Online Print editions of newspapers, magazines, and trade journals Human-verified Burrelles MYNEWSDASH as clips become available
Express Print Top-tier print publications Human-verified Starting at 3 a.m. to Burrelles MYNEWSDASH
Express Web Web sources Human-verified Throughout the day to Burrelles MYNEWSDASH

Burrelles Executive Briefing

Burrelles Executive Briefing™ provides news your executives need when it’s most actionable: daybreak. Executive Briefing arrives by the start of business every day and monitors according to client-specified terms and monitoring parameters for news about your organization, competition, and industry. Clients have the option of setting up an automated report using our software, however our analysts can customize and deliver a more targeted C-suite-relevant briefing.

Each Executive Briefing is human-verified for maximum relevance and includes headline, publishing date, publication name, author, keyword(s), a 140-character synopsis, and a link to the article.

Burrelles Morning Broadcast Synopsis

Build on your broadcast monitoring and act on the content from the three major network morning shows with a daily synopsis of morning broadcasts. An indispensable tool for public relations professionals, the morning broadcast synopsis features a review of morning shows from ABC, CBS, and NBC. Each day’s synopsis is delivered to your email at your specified hour, and provides the insights you need to plan and execute broadcast media campaigns.

Additional PR Resources at a Glance:

Service Sources Review Delivery
Executive Briefing Web and print coverage Human-verified To your email box or PDA at the hour in the morning you specify
Morning Broadcast Synopsis Morning network shows – ABC, CBS, and NBC Human-verified To your email box or PDA at the hour in the morning you specify


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