Automated Reporting

Good data, good reporting, good media measurement

Automated reporting and its user-defined reports and charts come standard with all Burrelles MYNEWSDASH subscriptions.

Our easy-to-use PR software with automated media measurement allows you to run reports as you need them or schedule reports to be pushed to you on a regular basis.

  • Analyze your coverage and projects by articles over time; media type; automated prominence, sentiment (tone), and share of voice; audience impressions, and other pre-defined and customized metrics.
  • Decide fields for full color charts by an array of metrics like media type, articles over time, and share of voice.
  • Pinpoint the location (i.e., DMA, city, and state) and impact of your results.


Reporting at a Glance

Service Sources Analytics Delivery
Automated Media Reporting® All your coverage, including web, blog, print, and broadcast Automated metrics, including story volume, media type, audience segment, and DMA PDF or Excel
Custom Media Measurement® All your coverage, including web, blog, print, and broadcast

Human-analyzed, customized metrics, including sentiment (tone), share of voice, key messages, marketing power, prominence, quality rating score, and other pre-defined measures

Optional executive-level reports providing expert objective commentary

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other frequency

Word or Excel

Full-color, PowerPoint charts

Optional executive-level reports: Word document with PowerPoint charts



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