Custom Measurement

Burrelles Custom Media Measurement

When accuracy is a must

Get the comprehensive picture of your coverage with custom qualitative and qualitative analysis to fully gauge the impact of your coverage.

With Burrelles Custom Media Measurement®:

  • Analysts review your stories for sentiment (tone), key messages, marketing power, prominence, media value, quality rating score, share of voice, and other pre-defined and customized metrics.
  • Reports and charts are issued daily, monthly, quarterly, or other requested frequency, and are produced in your choice of C-suite-friendly format.
  • Data tables are accompanied by full-color, PowerPoint charts that you can easily upload to your presentation or distribute to your C-suite.
  • Option to include executive-level summaries and evaluations of media coverage for when you require objective expert commentary.

Reporting at a glance:

Service Sources Analytics Delivery
Automated Media Reporting All your coverage, including web, blog, print, and broadcast Automated metrics, including story volume, media type, audience segment, and DMA PDF or Excel
Custom Media Measurement® All your coverage, including web, blog, print, and broadcast

Human-analyzed, customized metrics, including sentiment (tone), share of voice, key messages, marketing power, prominence, quality rating score, and other pre-defined measures

Optional executive-level reports providing expert objective commentary

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other frequency

Word or Excel

Full-color, PowerPoint charts

Optional executive-level reports: Word document with PowerPoint charts

Additional PR Resources

Burrelles Executive Briefing

Burrelles Executive Briefing™ provides you with the news your executives need when they need it: by dawn each day. Day break delivery enables you and your organization’s Executives to act on breaking stories quickly, helping you beat your competitors in setting the tone of public discussion.

With Executive Briefing, you customize the search parameters, the media outlets covered in the search, and pick the type of information the report will present. We utilize our extensive media monitoring resources to capture stories that match your specifications needs.  All news items are qualified by experienced human editors who review each story to ensure that it conforms to your instructions. A fully-edited Executive Briefing is delivered to your email box or PDA at the hour in the morning you’ve designated, giving you and top management ample time to prepare for the day ahead.  Designed for maximum ease of use, the Executive Briefing comes complete with headlines and links to full text articles pertinent to you or your client’s organization, as well as abstracts and links to stories regarding competitors, the industry, and other specialized categories you may specify.

Burrelles Morning Broadcast Synopsis

An indispensable tool for public relations professionals who monitor the major network morning shows for mentions and subject matter for their clients. The Morning Broadcast Synopsis features a review of the morning shows from three of the major networks – ABC, CBS, and NBC. Early-morning delivery makes the content you receive highly actionable so you can begin understanding and planning for your client or spokesperson’s next broadcast campaign.

Additional PR Resources at a Glance:

Service Sources Analytics Delivery
Executive Briefing™ Web and print coverage All items are qualified by human editors who review each story to ensure it conforms to you specifications needs To your email box or PDA at the hour in the morning you specify
Morning Broadcast Synopsis Morning network shows – ABC, CBS, and NBC Human-edited To your email box or PDA at the hour in the morning you specify


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