PRtrak: Media Measurement Made Easy

PRtrak, the industry’s most affordable PR software solution and media tracking service, is part of the Burrelles suite of services. PRtrak provides comprehensive values for your media coverage – offering uniquely-sourced, proven data, such as share of discussion and media prominence index that enables you to clearly and concisely correlate publicity to business outcomes using qualitative and quantitative metrics.

PRtrak Media Tracking Service provides

  • Up-to-date premium data for broadcast, print and internet media sources, as well as complete data on broadcast gross impressions and print circulation via one concise and simple to use dashboard.
  • Quantitative correlation of your share of media and publicity to actual business results. Allows you to compare competitors and/or products.
  • Detailed reporting of your PR efforts to your C-suite.

PRtrak offers both on-demand and full-service measurement solutions.

For those of you who like a more hands-on approach, PRtrak’s on-demand publicity tracker and media tracking service offers:

  • Access cost-effective and easy-to-use media measurement and analysis.
  • Download high-quality, automated reports of your publicity coverage complete with audience impression and media value metrics of TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and internet data.
  • Ability to demonstrate your results with qualitative and quantitative data against key business objectives using the Media Prominence Index.

The full-service publicity measurement solution includes all the benefits of the on-demand offer with the added benefit of a third-party analyst review. PRtrak Plus gives you access to:

  • Human analysts who provide you and your team with the support to review the relevancy of your clips and value of your publicity efforts.
  • Custom qualitative and quantitative reports delivered directly to your dashboard where you can provide additional edits and tailor the reports to further meet your needs.

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Whether you’re working with quantitative, qualitative or a holistic measurement program Burrelles has a solution for you.